Main Reference: Gn 17:9, Ex 19:5-6, Mt 11:13, Lk 22:14-20, Rv 19, 12, 21

The worlds of Adam and Noah did not keep the covenant made with God. Similarly, the descendants of Abraham, the Israelites, also did not keep the covenant.

Jesus said in Matthew chapter 11 verses 13-14 that “For all the Prophets and the Law prophesied until John (John the Baptist). And if you are willing to accept it, he (John the Baptist) is the Elijah who was to come.” This shows that Physical Israel, which began with Abraham, ended with John the Baptist. After this, Spiritual Israel began with Jesus and his disciples.

2,000 years have passed since this time (when Spiritual Israel began) and in today’s era, the work of the lamp, which was the work of the seven stars and seven golden lampstands of Revelation 1, 2, and 3, has begun. The work of the seven stars was to prepare the way for the second coming of Jesus, and it too, must come to an end as shown in Revelation 6, 13, and 21. Therefore, Spiritual Israel only lasts until the work of the seven stars. In further detail, the work of the seven stars that prepared the way in Revelation 1, 2, and 3 lasted until the work of the seven pastors (seven angels) of the Temple of the Tabernacle in Gwacheon, Korea.

New Spiritual Israel, the 12 tribes, became established after all the worlds of Adam, Noah, Physical Israel, and Spiritual Israel that sinned came to their ends by betraying God and serving gentile gods (Rv 13) instead of keeping the covenant they made with God. At every transition between eras, there was war and the events of betrayal, destruction, and salvation that take place. Believers must understand these events through the Bible and keep the covenant made with God.

Believers living in the era of the New Testament must understand the words of promise in Revelation in order to be saved. One must heed to the warning that if one does not know the will or the promise of God and blindly follows one’s own pastor, they will both fall into a pit (Mt 15:14). God made known His promised pastor in each era, and also made known the location of betrayal and destruction beforehand. Why do you not believe nor even care to look inside the promises of the Bible?

Saying, “I am saved, I received the Holy Spirit” without even knowing the promised will that is written in the Bible is a lie. For the past 6,000 years, those sent by God have been treated like a “cult” by pastors of the previous generation. This should give reason to at least check the place that has been labeled as a “cult” by other pastors and verify it with the Bible. Believers must be wise and ask questions.