Main Reference: Mt 13:36-43 (Mt 13:24-30, Lk 8:11)

Jesus came in the name of God as the light and sowed the secrets of heaven, the seed of God (Lk 8:11), in the field (church). The devil came to this field and sowed weeds among the wheat. These two types of seeds grew together within one field until the time of harvest. (Mt 13:24-30)

At the time of the harvest, God’s sons born of the good seed are harvested to heaven, and the sons of the devil, those born of weeds, are not harvested but are left to be burned in the field. This time (the time of harvest) is the end of age (Mt 13:36-43). At the end of age, true faith is to believe in the promise of this time (the time of harvest). At this time, there appear those who are harvested and those who are not—they are the physical entities of the fulfillment of promise. According to Mt 13:39 and Rv 14:14-16, the harvesters are the angels and the sharp sickles in the hands of the angels are the congregation members who believe in the Word.

About 2,600 year ago, God promised through Jeremiah in the Old Testament to sow two types of seeds (Jer 31:27). About 2,000 years ago, God sent Jesus to sow the seed as promised. Jesus then promised to return to harvest, and left. Today, about 2,000 years since that time, Jesus came in spirit with the angels to harvest as promised (Rv 14:14-20). He is creating a new kingdom and new people according the promise.

I have made known to all the people regarding what I have seen and heard, and what I have done. I have made known regarding harvest, peace, and the creation of the new kingdom and new people.

God prophesied the work of peace (Isa 52:7). Jesus carried out the work of peace as promised (Lk 19:38-42) and said, “Whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do” (Jn 14:12, ESV). This is why I am also doing the work of peace. Jesus said in Mt 7:21, ““Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” Thus, I am working according to the will of God and Jesus.

Believers with the same hope in heaven! Whose words do you believe in—God’s words of promise or the words of your pastors? It is written that all nations will have fallen from the wine of adulteries in the last days (Rv 18). One’s path to life can only be found by going to the promised pastor of the New Testament. We must go inside the Word and meet the promised pastor to achieve our hope. Jesus said to see and believe when the promise of the Bible is fulfilled (Jn 14:29).

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