Just as Jesus received from God, there is a person who received from Jesus the food that endures to eternal life, the white stone to judge, and the iron scepter to rule all nations. However, there are things that are difficult for this person, too. What could it be that is so difficult? What is the reason for this difficulty?

What should be done when the person you were the most kind to, loved, and trusted betrays you and becomes an enemy? It is hard and difficult to take care of such a matter. However, this person is not repenting.

If possible, a person should be saved rather than being judged. However, God’s will must be obeyed, justice must be served righteously, and the law must be kept. When there is sin, there must be judgment. Even after rendering judgment according to the law, some may feel that it was cold-hearted or cruel.

This person shared joys and sorrows with me, worked with me, and we traveled all over the world together with our lives on the line. How can I see my companion fall into hell, the fiery lake of burning sulfur, and receive eternal punishment? But if various situations are taken into account while rendering decision, God and Jesus will rebuke me for resolving this matter with personal reasons.

It is a very difficult and hard matter to handle. Yes, it is. People who committed sinful acts are not reflecting or repenting, but are only trying to hide their deeds. If their transgressions do not become fixed now, I am afraid of what terrible acts they may commit later, by which others can use to criticize the work of God. If this incident and their acts are looked over this time, the same type of deeds and iniquities may occur again. What if that were to really happen?

The actions that they committed—their betrayal, abandoning their own positions of authority and their dwelling, and creating their own organization—were not done out of ignorance. They knew their actions well. That is why this is even more outrageous and reprehensible.

SHINCHEONJI Healing All Nations

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