Main reference: Jer 31:27

What are the two kinds of seeds that were promised?

The whole world has been ruled by the devil since the first man, Adam, sinned. Everyone who sins is a slave to sin (Jn 8:34), therefore a slave to the devil, and all mankind are sinners who were born of sin. Sinners cannot live with God who is holy.

Of the two seeds that were promised, one is God’s seed (Lk 8:11), and the other is the seed of the beast; the devil’s seed (refer to Jn 8:44, Mt 13:37-39).

After Adam sinned, only the descendants of sin lived on the earth. About 3,400 years after Adam’s sin, God made a promise (Jer 31) about his purpose which was to create God’s nation and people through those who are born of God’s seed. Thus, two kinds of seeds were sown, and this seed distinguished God’s children from the devil’s children (Jer 31:27, Mt 13).

As two kinds of seeds were sown, there will be a time of harvest after the seeds sprout and grow. The wheat who are born of God’s seed will be harvested but those who are born of the devil’s seed will be left in the field at the time of harvest, thus distinguishing the two kinds of seeds.

Only those who are born of God’s seed are righteous like God and become His children, but those who are born of the devil’s seed are children of the devil. The promised word cannot be set aside (Jn 10:35). God’s new covenant is Revelation which will be fulfilled, and He will fulfill according to what is written in it as He said anyone cannot add to or subtract from it. When He fulfills the new covenant, those who keep the new covenant (Rv 1:3) are those who see and believe in the fulfillment.

God’s promised purpose is harvesting, sealing, and creating the 12 tribes, 144,000, and the great multitude dressed in white. They are the people of the recreated new heaven and new earth, which is heaven (天民).

Within Revelation, letters of warning were sent in Revelation 2 ~ 3, the chosen people betrayed in Revelation 2 and 13, the chosen people were destroyed in Rv 6, 8, 9 and 13, and the enemies were destroyed in Revelation 12, 18 and 16.

The devil was victorious in Revelation 8, 9, and 13 but God was victorious in Revelation 12, 11, 16, 15, 19, and 18. God and Heaven descend in Revelation 3 and 21.

The marriage with Satan took place in Revelation 2 and 18, and the wedding banquet of Jesus is in Revelation 19. The promised harvest is in Revelation 14, and recreation takes place in Revelation 7 and 21. The resurrection of spirit and flesh is in Revelation 20.

After the event of Revelation 6, when the first heaven and the first earth disappear, God’s spiritual heaven descends on the new heaven and new earth recreated in Revelation 7 and 21, and God’s reign over the world begins.

This is the purpose of sowing the two kinds of seeds. God’s purpose is to create God’s new people and new family through those who have been atoned of sin and reborn of God’s seed and to come reign over them. Just as there was the promised pastor of the Old Testament (Jesus), there is a promised pastor of the New Testament. This promised pastor is the most important person. This is well written about in Revelation 1:1-2, in Revelation 2 and 3, in Revelation 10, 22:8, and in Revelation 22:16.

The betrayers and the destroyers appear in Revelation because in order to end one era, there must be the betrayal of the chosen people of the former heaven (先天選民), the destroyers must exist to destroy these betrayers. After this, God will create His nation of the 12 tribes by harvesting and sealing as the work of salvation (Mt 24, 2 Thes 2), and He will come down to this place and reign. This is the purpose of God. This is the true will of God, no matter what others may say. God’s will is to end one generation according to the promise and to create a new generation and new people.

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