The CCK is the abbreviation of the Christian Council of Korea, and Shincheonji is the new heaven and new earth (Rv 21:1). The CCK is a denomination of traditions, and Shincheonji is the orthodoxy created at the time of the fulfillment of Revelation today.

If we take a look at the past generations, we can see the comparison between the worlds of Adam and Noah, the worlds of Noah and Moses, the worlds of Moses’ Physical Israel and the Spiritual Israel of Jesus’ first coming (the world of Jesus’ church), the world of Spiritual Israel and the New Spiritual Israel of Jesus’ second coming (the world of Shincheonji, the new heaven and new earth).

There have been old and corrupt traditional denominations in each era, and a new denomination appears according to the promise when the former becomes old and corrupt.  There was a world born of the gene of Adam who committed sin, and there is a promised nation born of the holy seed of God. The former is a nation created with the seed of sinners, and a nation created at the time of the fulfillment of Revelation is the new people born of God's seed. Which one will God acknowledge?

God made a covenant by selecting a pastor amongst those who were born of the seed of Adam who sinned, but all of them ended up betraying the covenant. However, Jesus and his disciples who were born of God’s seed did not betray, but instead, were martyred. Likewise, those who have been born of God’s seed, which was sown by Jesus, have been harvested, sealed, and registered in the 12 tribes of the promised nation today. Those who were born of the seed of the devil (John 8:44-47) neither listened nor believed the word of God.

Jesus sowed the seed of God in his field (church) (Mt 13) according to the promise of the Old Testament (Jer 31:27), and the pastor of the devil also sowed the seed of the devil in the same field. At the time of harvest, the time of the end, Jesus came with the angels and harvested those who are born of God’s seed (Mt 24: 29-31, Rv 14: 14-16), and created the 12 tribes (Rv 7, Rv 14). At that time, those who are born of the devil cannot be harvested but instead are burned because they remained in the field.

This is the prophecy, the promise, and the reality, and the fulfillment of the prophecy; it is the purpose of God, the new nation and new people that have been created.

If you compare the CCK, who have failed to be harvested, sealed, and registered in the promised nation of the 12 tribes, with Shincheonji and the 12 tribes, which is true and the people of heaven that receive salvation? Furthermore, who would be thrown into the lake of fire after receiving judgment? Answer these questions. Those who are born of the devil’s seed will be like the devil and think as the spirit of the devil, and those who are born of the Holy Spirit of God will think like God.

Those who become one with Jesus at the wedding banquet of the Lamb in Revelation chapter 19 will partake in the first resurrection in Revelation chapter 20. At that time, there will be those who rise to live and those who will rise to be condemned as written in John chapter 5.

The knowledge and belief of the traditional CCK is of the old, but the knowledge and faith of Shincheonji is from mastering the New Testament, and Shincheonji the 12 tribes are the promised nation and people. It is not even worth comparing the CCK to Shincheonji. We, Shincheonji, are the people of heaven and the sons of God. If one cannot believe in this, it is because they are the heretics born of the devil’s seed.

SHINCHEONJI Healing All Nations