Main reference: Mt 24 (events at Jesus' second coming)

Matthew 23 is about what happened around 2,000 years ago, whereas Matthew 24 is about what will happen at the second coming of Jesus. Jesus said not to be deceived by antichrists and false prophets.

At the Second Coming, there will be a war between the kingdom of God (Jerusalem) and the kingdom of the devil (Babylon). Babylon, the kingdom of the devil, will be victorious by destroying God’s kingdom, and through this, the destroyers from the kingdom of the devil, who destroyed God’s people, will stand at the altar of the holy tabernacle. There will also be antichrists and false pastors who come to deceive at this time so Jesus also warned us to beware of them.

However, Jesus comes not in the flesh, but in spirit like lightning, so no one can see the Lord come. (Lk 17:22-24)

If the prophecies in Matthew 24 are to be fulfilled as written, one must know the time, the place, the events and the process of their fulfillment in order to prepare. In short, the believers must perceive the true meaning of the prophecies of the promise which contains the true image of Jesus when he returns and to whom he will give salvation to and in what way he gives it.

The New Testament, which is the new covenant, is the promise given to us so that we will believe it when it happens (Jn 14:29). God’s role is to fulfill the promise, and the believers’ role is to see and believe the fulfillment. Therefore, the promise is that those who perceive the prophesied promise and see and believe in it when it happens will be saved. Those who do not perceive the promised covenant will not receive salvation. Only those who perceive Matthew 24 and the promise prophesied in Revelation and see and believe its fulfillment can be saved and enter the kingdom of heaven. We must believe and keep the promise.

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