Every person lives by his or her own thoughts. However, no one knows neither their own selves nor the era that they live in.

No one knows the true God, or God’s will or purpose. People carry out their lives of faith with their scriptures, but there is no believer who understands the meaning of the prophecies that are recorded in them.

God created all things on heaven and earth with His wisdom. There is no one who wants to know about God or seek Him. Long ago, Prince Siddhartha looked for the Creator to find out the cause of a person’s birth, aging, sickness, and death. This was about 2,500 years ago. But Siddhartha, too, is a descendant of a sinner according to his genealogy. In the end, Siddhartha could not find out about the deep things of history, the relationship between man and God, nor things of the world.

What made man’s mindset rusted and deteriorated like a rusted sword? God would see such people as mere beasts (refer to Prv 30:2-3). At the First Coming, Jesus told the people of Israel to be born again, and that they cannot enter the kingdom of heaven unless they are born again with water and holy spirit (Jn 3:3-5). He said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life,” (Jn 8:12) and said that if anyone keeps Jesus’ word, he will never taste death (Jn 8:52). He said these things because they were all considered “dead,” and the whole world had turned into night. Jesus also said, “when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?" (Lk 18:8).

Recently at a Christian forum, I have met many Christian leaders, including doctors of theology, heads and leaders of organizations, chairpersons, and head pastors and elders. I gave a lecture and answered their questions, but their questions only consisted of worldly matters and nothing about religion or scriptures. They did not have any sense about God’s words of promise. All they wanted were money, power, fame, positions of authority that they created for themselves, and how to have others show them respect. They were like the dark night in regards to the words of promise. They were dead (in spirit), and it seemed like the devil had control over all of their minds. They did not have any concern for God’s promise, judgment, or hell; they were dead. How can anyone call them believers? I repeatedly thought of the words of Jesus as he said, “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs” (Mt 7:6).

It seems that the harvest on this land is nearing its end, and it is time to harvest the multitude in white (Rv 7:14) from each country of the world. Truly, the religious leaders are ruining God’s world of religion. They only assert their own religion as orthodox, and cast aside others as heretic. It is the same today as it had been in the past. Other religions are still in darkness, but it seems as though Christianity is exposed of its final end.

The pastors of Christianity do not believe in God, Jesus, or their words or promises. How unfortunate are their loyal followers who still have hope in heaven! The true food that a believer must eat is God’s words of promise. The shepherd whom the believers must follow at the time of the end is the promised pastor whom God sent. Now, it is time for God the Creator to reign over the world (Rv 19:6). Judgment begins now, and is given through the words of the Bible as promised (Rv 20). Why do you not believe in the promise?

According to God’s diagnosis of people for the past 6,000 years since the first man, Adam’s sin, people were destroyed because they did not keep God’s covenant  in each of their eras. This made a new era to be required. God sent a messenger in each of the eras to save the sinful world of evil, but the people did not accept the messenger and killed him every time. God even sent Jesus, His Son, but the people also killed him. Due to sin and evil such as these, people’s lifespan continued to shorten.

God never does anything without making a promise first (Am 3:7). Yet the people still did not believe. How about today, the time of the fulfillment of Revelation that is God’s final work? People are so eager to kill the twelve tribes of Shincheonji, God’s promise. They are making up lies regarding Shincheonji in their attempt to bury it in religion and in society. Heaven and earth are watching this. How are people living on earth at this time? They are in the night, and all are dead. Who killed them? The devil made all nations fall through its food, the fruit of good and evil, which is the wine of adultery (Rv 17 ~ 18). The devil also had the people marry its spirit (refer to Rv 18:23). But God of the heavens harvested and established the twelve tribes, the kingdom of God’s priests. Do you think the devil would just sit still while this is taking place?

Shincheonji, the twelve tribes, is the most precious and valuable, new kingdom and people in the 6,000 years of God’s work. God’s greatest work is creating the promised twelve tribes, and seizing the devil and locking it up in the Abyss. Any person of Shincheonji who has truly been sealed will fight for God’s kingdom and people with the truth, just like the riders of the white horses in Rv 19. Let us create and protect with the same heart as God. We are the owners of this era. God and Jesus are working, let us also be awake and work. Amen.

This is the reason that we must believe in the Old Testament and the New Testament, which are God’s promises. God appeared before Jeremiah about 2,600 years ago and promised the new thing, the sowing of the two kinds of seeds, and the new covenant (Jer 31:22, 27, 31). Do you believe this?

About 600 years after that time, God, who had come to Jeremiah and made the three promises, came to Jesus and fulfilled the three promises (Mt 1, 13, Lk 22:14-20). Will you believe this?

Jesus who sowed the seed, as God promised, made a promise to return and harvest (Mt 13, Rv 14), then left. Will you believe this?

Jesus who promised to return to harvest, harvested and sealed the firstfruits as promised in Rv 14:14-16 and created the twelve tribes. Will you believe this?

The two kinds of seeds were sown in one and the same field (Mt 13:24-25). At the time of harvest, only the sons of God, who were born of God’s seed, become harvested. The weeds, who are born of the devil’s seed, who are the sons of the devil, do not become harvested, and are left on the field (Mt 13:26-30, 37-40). This is how the sons of God, who are born of God’s seed, are separated from the sons of the devil, who are born of the devil’s seed. Will you believe this? Answer. Will you believe this? Answer.

Among these two, who is the orthodox and who is a cult? Say it.

The proof of being a person of Shincheonji is the fulfilled physical entity itself. This is the new covenant God has been wanting and has been promising for such a long time. This is the covenant God made with us today. Let us keep the new covenant, the Book of Revelation. One who does not believe this and does not keep it has not been born of God’s seed. It is proof that such a person has not been sealed. Shincheonji, which has been fulfilled according to the new covenant, (Revelation) is the kingdom of heaven and it is life.

SHINCHEONJI Healing All Nations

Source: https://cafe.daum.net/scjschool/NcT5/54