The standard of faith is the word of God. God’s purpose is to create the new heaven and new earth (Shincheonji), the 12 tribes of the new kingdom and new people.

The word of God is God Himself. All creation has been made through the word and the word is the life and the light, the seed of God that makes one a child of God. Can anyone deny this? A person who does not have the word has neither God nor life (Jn 1:1-5).

Anyone who distorts the word of promise, either to change its meaning or make up lies to teach others, is with the spirit of the devil. Also, anyone who does not practice love and forgiveness, and instead persecutes and curses, is a pastor of Satan. He is like the false pastors of Jerusalem at the First Coming.

Because the Scripture cannot be broken, it is proof that at the time of harvest, that is, the Second Coming, those who are not harvested and left in their field (their church) are born of the devil’s seed. Those who are harvested and flee are born of God’s seed (Mt 13:24-30, 37-40). Creating the 12 tribes of the new kingdom and people by sealing the harvested is fulfilling God’s very purpose. At this time, those who are most aggravated are the pastors, who received the spirit of Satan, and their congregation members, who have been born of the seed of Satan.

The hope that the believers have in the word and the purpose of carrying out their life of faith lies in being harvested and belonging to the sealed 12 tribes, according to God’s promise. These 12 tribes are the new heaven and new earth, Shincheonji, that are created during this time. The way (teaching) of this place is the most joyous way (teaching). This is the place where death comes to an end and life begins, and where the eternal life that Jesus promised in the Four Gospels is fulfilled to a reality. This is where God, Jesus, and heaven all dwell. Believers, where are you headed?

SHINCHEONJI Healing All Nations