Believers learn heavenly culture while this world learns worldly culture. The law of heaven is the Bible, and the law of the world is written in law books.

Religion is learning from the God of heaven and not learning from someone of the world. The Bible is recorded according to God’s command, and Moses, Jesus, and the prophets of the Old Testament wrote the things they heard and saw.

General pastors and congregation members read the words of the Bible and believe in its promise. The true pastor, who saw and heard the things of heaven, testifies to these things after receiving orders. For six thousand years, there have been too few of those who listen and believe. This is because their thoughts and purposes are so different. There are numerous religions on this earth and everyone considers their own religion to be as precious as life. There is true religion and also heresy, a fake religion. No matter how true this religion may be, if one does not know the purpose of its scriptures, then this person becomes the same as the one who believes in the heresy.

After the time of Noah and the destruction of the world of Adam, Jesus and God came to the earth and proclaimed to everyone, “No one can be saved unless they are born again.” Two thousand years after this had been proclaimed, I (the promised pastor) proclaim the very same thing today. Rather than just being ignorant, they became the night (refer to 1 Thes 5:4-8); it is more accurate to consider them dead than alive. There is no communication, so how can this person even be called a person? This person wouldn’t even know that he is dead, and is merely one who has no sense regarding God, the devil, heaven, hell, truth, and lies.

I have attended religious forums several times. People didn’t ask questions because they were curious about religion, but asked questions about useless things of the world. Unlike Jesus’ disciples (Mt 24) who were truly curious about religion and asked questions, these people did not ask questions because they are people of the world.

I say this. Any religious person of this world cannot receive salvation. Not even one person can receive salvation. Even if these people go to hell, they will not understand why they have been sent to hell. This is because the reality is that they are not religious. If they are truly religious, they will have interest in the coming and going of eras, in the events of this era, and in God’s words that are given today with His promises and prophecies. God fulfilled His prophecies regarding the future that were made with Abraham, and Jesus fulfilled the promise God made with the prophets of the Old Testament. In addition, God made a promise through Jesus, the New Testament, which is the new covenant of Revelation.

In this whole world, there is no one who will know this and no one who will know the promised pastor who will be sent in this era. This world of humanity can be influenced by the promised pastor.  Those who carelessly disregard the precious promised pastor do so because they are not true believers. Jesus who has promised the New Testament is able to fulfill what he has promised because the promised pastor has appeared.

Today, the word is being fulfilled as promised due to Jesus and the promised pastor. People must know this, and I desire for everyone to perceive this and receive salvation. This era today is when a new era is being created as promised. How can the world of dead faith understand this?

SHINCHEONJI Healing All Nations