Main Reference: Rv 1 ~ 22

The New Testament (New Covenant) is the prophecy of Revelation which must be fulfilled in the future.

John saw the events which will be fulfilled in the future through vision and wrote the book of Revelation, and this Revelation is a book of prophecy. This prophecy (gospel of the kingdom) has been preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations over the last 2,000 years (Mt 24:14), and this prophecy has now been fulfilled in today’s time in the Republic of Korea. You should come and see this fulfillment before your very eyes.

The following is the process of Revelation’s fulfillment:

First, the seven stars (seven messengers) who prepare the way appeared which was followed by an event of betrayal by the chosen people. The savior appeared only after the destroyers from the Gentile nation made an appearance. The chosen people of the traditional church who betrayed were destroyed by the Gentile destroyers (Rv 13), and the destroyers were also put to an end after being judged by the overcomers in Revelation chapter 12 (Rv 16 ~ Rv 18). After this, the one who overcomes, the promised pastor, started harvesting ripe fruits from the four winds and established the 12 tribes by sealing these people. This is God’s promise which He had already planned and set His mind to, and the 12 tribes have become the new nation and new people. God, the kingdom of heaven and Jesus will come to this place and live together (Rv 21:1-3).

God’s new covenant is to fulfill the prophecy of Revelation which was promised, and the congregation members must believe in what has been fulfilled according to God’s promise; this is the only way to keep the covenant of God.

Pastors of CCK and their saints neither know the purpose of Revelation, the new covenant, nor the physical fulfillment. This is similar to what happened at the First Coming where the pastors and saints of Jerusalem were not aware of the fact that Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament. Those members who belong to CCK, who already committed wrongdoings by adding to and subtracting from the book of Revelation, will not be saved and they will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. Those who fell away from Jesus are united as one with evil spirits and they are shouting out loud their most evil voices to the public. How can we have a normal conversation with these people? I feel honestly sorry and take pity on them and I sincerely pray for them.

SHINCHEONJI Healing All Nations