Main reference: Jn 8:44-47 (Mt 5:11-12, Mt 23:29:33, Lk 20:9-16, Acts 7:51-60)

If the of God of heaven and Jesus were to ask me today, “What would you like to do?” I would say, “If the Lord gave me the authority to judge even for one moment, first I would judge the false judges and false pastors in our country today.”  Since heaven and earth have seen and heard everything, and they will give the truthful response.

Believers must know there is a law in heaven and a law on earth. In heaven, one must abide by the laws of heaven; on earth, one must abide by the laws of the earth. People who have suffered injustice because of the laws of the earth are crying right now. Isn’t it a world where what is false is controlling everything? Isn’t it because people are deceived and refuse to believe in the truth?

Who is anti-nation, anti-society, and anti-religion?

Did the pastors of the Presbyterian church (the mainstream denomination of the Christian Council of Korea), who were pro-Japanese and informants at the time of the Japanese occupation and made the believers and the citizens bow down to and praise the Japanese gods, repent? Ask the Koshinpa (Koshinpa opposed worshipping at Shinto shrines and separated themselves from the Presbyterian church). Did the pastors of the Presbyterian church (CCK), who instigated people to support the government that led a coup d’etat and the Yushin Constitution, repent?

The pastors of the Christian Council of Korea made up lies by distorting the meaning of God’s word of promise (prophecy) and sowed over 200 false teachings into the hearts of the believers. This is anti-nation, anti-society, and anti-religion. Why is this considered orthodox? This is why I said if the Lord gave me the authority to judge even for one moment, I would like to judge with the laws of heaven and earth.

It is written every person will receive judgment at least once (Rv 20:12). When a person dreams, their body remains sleeping in the room, but the spirit plays well in distant places while still having the appearance of flesh. If the flesh dies, only the spirit will live with that appearance.  If this spirit receives judgment, the spirit will be judged according to what he did throughout his life and he will be sent to heaven or hell, to eternal life or eternal punishment.

I am the most lowly person in the world, but I have experienced through visions the appearance of people of the past, people of the present, and people of the future. This is why I am always careful. People who carry out a life of faith must consider the fact that they will receive judgment according to their deeds and always be careful.

SHINCHEONJI Healing All Nations