“Please check the words of truth.”

The Jews at the First Coming did not know the true meaning of the Old Testament scripture and conveyed other (false) words.

In the end, they persecuted Jesus until his death.

This is because they did not know the words of promise.

Now is the time of the fulfillment of the new covenant, Revelation.

Instead of persecuting for no reason like at the First Coming and conveying words contrary to the Bible,

please check the words of the new covenant and its meaning.  

Please listen to what the promise is that we who are living at the time of Revelation must keep in the Bible and how the words of the new covenant are fulfilled.

Shincheonji Church of Jesus masters and testifies to not only the prophecies in Revelation, the new covenant, and the four gospels, but also their realities.

Shincheonji teaches everything without cost.

Please check the words of truth.

Let us perceive, believe, and enter the kingdom of heaven.

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