All the people of the world! See this banner and hear this trumpet sound.

This trumpet sound is the sound made when the seven seals of Revelation are broken. By breaking the seven seals, Jesus opens the scroll, so the word written in it is shown and read. The seven trumpet sounds are the voices of those who testify to the word and its fulfilled realities after having seen them. Thus, the sound is made only after all seven seals are broken, the scroll is opened, and the contents are shown so that they can be read.

The seven trumpets are seven people, those who blow the trumpets are angels, and those who gave the command were God and Jesus (Isa 58). Once the seals are broken, the scroll is opened. When the scroll is opened, what is written in it can be shown. As it is shown, it can be read, and because someone reads it, there is the sound. This is the trumpet sound. The sound of six trumpets told how those driven out due to betrayal in Revelation 6 were killed by destroyers from gentile land, and the sound of the last trumpet, the seventh, is the sound of salvation telling that the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of God. Thus, the logical order of fulfillment of Revelation is made known — after traditional churches are destroyed because of their betrayal, the work of salvation begins. Opening the seals opened the scroll, and the open scroll is given to John through an angel in Revelation 10. It is through John that the people of the world are able to hear and see the fulfillment of Revelation.

John (New John at the time of fulfillment) received the open scroll and testifies to what he had seen, which is the fulfillment of the prophecies written in the scroll. Believers of the world who meet John, understand the words of the scroll, and have faith in it will be saved. As you can see, a savior is appointed in the New Testament as well.

SHINCHEONJI Healing All Nations