What kind of pastor is the promised pastor?

In the Bible, there are 4 kinds of pastors and they belong to 2 different groups. There are pastors of prophecy, promised pastors and general pastors who belong to God. And, there are also false pastors who belong to Satan. These are the pastors in the Old and New Testament of the Bible.

Pastors of prophecy

A pastor of prophecy is chosen by God to foretell things that will be fulfilled in the future.

Promised Pastors

When God's promise is fulfilled, God chooses a promised pastor. This promised pastor rules and speaks on behalf of God.

General Pastors

A general pastor is chosen by the Lord to preach the Word to future generations and in the world.

False Pastors

A pastor of Satan is chosen to persecute and disturb God's pastors and His work.

Who is the promised pastor of the New Testament?

Jesus made a covenant with the believers. The promised pastor is a pastor chosen when that covenant of Jesus is fulfilled (Refer to Rv 2,3).




Cheonggyesan Mountain in Gwacheon, Korea.

With Whom?

Saints of the Tabernacle Temple.

What is the content of the covenant?

To fight against the Nicolaitans of Satan and to overcome them.

Why was this covenant made?

To give full authority to the pastor who speaks on behalf of Jesus and have him testify the revealed word and what he saw to the servants.