Where is the destination of this truly difficult and faraway path of heaven, this path of tears and blood shed by the prophets for 6,000 years? I have seen, in the Bible and in visions, the terrible suffering and persecution of the ancient apostles who were despised and treated with contempt.

The pastors of Jerusalem and their followers who were so proud of being the chosen people out of the entire world had waited for the promised pastor and God in the Old Testament. Then why was Jesus, the promised pastor and Son of the true God, rejected (Jn 1:11) and killed, being called the sect of the devil? In Matthew 27, the chosen people of Israel and the pastors of the Jews freed a robber instead of Jesus and instigated the people to crucify Jesus on the cross by paying them money.

Did these pastors and believers of Israel’s temple of Jerusalem belong to God or to the devil? In John 8:44-47, Jesus referred to these Jews as lying children of the devil who do not belong to God. Two thousand years have passed since that time; what is today’s era like, at the time of Jesus’ second coming? God and Jesus are the same God and Jesus from the past, and even the devil is that same devil that appeared during the time of Eve in Genesis 3 and at Jesus’ first coming. They (God and the devil) are two different types of spirits, and the pastors belonging to these two spirits are the two types of pastors promised in the New Testament. The prophecy in the Bible regarding war is a war between these two different types of groups.

In order to have people perceive this, God made known the actions of the betrayer, destroyer, and savior in Revelation of the New Testament in advance. If one does not know the meaning of Revelation that God has promised, how can the person distinguish between the two entities and two types of pastors, and thus perceive? If the believers of this era are able to discern good from evil, they will not commit evil actions.

Two thousand years have passed, and today’s faith has become worn out and weakened. Spiritual Israel, which returned to flesh like Adam, could not stand with God or upon His word, but instead became partners with the world. There is not a person in sight who could perceive the word of promise, for everyone’s eyes have become darkened by money, power, and the glory of the world. Who can dwell in this type of heart? A heart that has no light becomes night, and the devil who loves the night will go inside this heart and dance. What kind of actions will these people who are one with the devil commit? They will commit the same actions of the devil that were committed during Jesus’ first coming.

Out of the entire world, the one person the devil used all of his strength to kill was Jesus. In the same way, out of the entire world, the devil is using all of his strength and making every effort to destroy one place, which is Shincheonji, today. Why is he doing so? This is so that the devil could live and eternally rule over this world.

God has revealed to Shincheonji the secrets that were kept hidden for 6,000 years. These secrets are secrets that even the devil did not know. Out of the 6,000-year history of mankind, Shincheonji has received the highest truth, the food to eternal life, the white stone to judge all nations, the iron scepter to rule all nations, and the scroll from heaven. Shincheonji is the place where God, heaven, Jesus, and the angels will come down to. During this time when the dragon is captured and the group of the dragon is judged, the very ignorant Christian Council of Korea and CBS are persecuting Shincheonji even more than the time of the First Coming. These words of persecution and lies, like water being spewed like a river, are being received and eaten by the people of this earth.

Shincheonji, unlike Adam and Eve, does not eat these words. Even though they may hate Shincheonji to death, the ones who will die are the devil and the pastors and congregation members who belong to the devil. Shincheonji is God’s promised new kingdom and new people. They are God’s eternal people of heaven. They are the people of heaven who are high as the heavens and are the children of God.

From  https://cafe.daum.net/scjschool/NcT5/70