I have testified in regards to the Bible – history, prophecies, fulfillment, and the new work, the events of the book of Revelation that are to be recreated. I have recorded and proclaimed God’s purpose and hope. I have recorded the sequence of the promised work that was to be fulfilled, and the war between the pastors of God and the pastors of the devil – the war between the two types of spirits. The prophecies and the fulfillment of the Bible did not go astray but were all fulfilled completely.  

The completion of God’s purpose, amongst all the books of the Bible, is the fulfillment of the book of Revelation. And the purpose of God, along with the hope of mankind, is recorded in this book. Before the prophecy recorded in Revelation was fulfilled, it was mere elementary teaching that existed. The true secret of heaven was written in the book of Revelation, and without this Revelation, God’s purpose and hope would not exist.

At this time, the book of Revelation has been unfolded, and all that is written in it must be fulfilled. What is to be fulfilled? It is the creation of the new work. What is this referring to? It is referring to heaven and eternal life. Thus, this book of Revelation is a blueprint to be fulfilled –   the kingdom of God in which God, Jesus, and the spiritual realm, heaven, come down upon to be one – on earth as it is in heaven. What the prophets had recorded to prepare for this work was the prophecy of the Old Testament, which Jesus fulfilled at the First Coming. The work continues in the Second Coming, where Jesus is fulfilling the work of the new covenant today.  

God proclaimed the creation of the new work to the prophets of the Old Testament; the promise to sow the two types of seed and to make a new covenant for the creation of the new work. Jesus fulfilled this in the First Coming and returned in the Second Coming, according to the promise, to harvest the ripened fruit of the seed that was sown, and to seal the twelve tribes of the new heaven and new earth – the new kingdom and new people.  It is here that God, Jesus, and the heavens, the New Jerusalem, come down to live eternally together. This is the new covenant that is to be fulfilled.  

At this time, those who are born of the devil’s seed – the subjects of the kingdom, Spiritual Israel – come to an end, and only the sealed twelve tribes of the new kingdom and new people, those who have been reborn of God’s seed, become the people of heaven and get to live eternally with God and Jesus in heaven. (Mt 8:11-12). This is the new covenant.

SHINCHEONJI Healing All Nations

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