After beginning with the spirit and faith, have you returned to the flesh again? (Gal 3:1-3)

The place that does not have doctrine means that it is a place that God, who is the Word in the beginning, is not with. Is there doctrine in the churches to which you belong?

Approximately 2,000 years ago, Jesus, the Passover lamb, made the new covenant in his blood on the night of the Passover. The new covenant is Revelation. Yet, why do you add to and subtract from this new covenant, Revelation, and not believe in it? It is said that if one adds to or subtracts from this, then he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven (Rv 22:18-19).

Why do you not receive the new covenant, Revelation, that Jesus, the Passover lamb, promised in his blood on the night of the Passover or the testimony of the promised pastor (Jesus’ messenger sent for the churches) (Rv 22:8, 16; Rv 1:1-2)?

Is this not violating the new covenant that Jesus made in his blood?

The witness whom Jesus sent saw and heard everything that Jesus fulfilled according to prophecy from Revelation chapter 1 to chapter 22, he received the opened book just like in Revelation 1:1-2 and Revelation 10, and he testified to everything he saw and heard of that book. Even so, why do you disregard Jesus’ messenger who has been sent to the churches? Why do you not believe in the new covenant, Revelation, or in the messenger sent by Jesus?

Today, Shincheonji, which Jesus established, is sealed with Revelation and masters it. If one adds to or subtracts from this Revelation, then he or she cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

Shincheonji believes in and has mastered Jesus’ new covenant, Revelation, but all of the Protestant churches have added to and subtracted from Revelation. Is this not a fact?

Verify this.

Do not wait for salvation at a place where you cannot receive salvation, but you must find the place where you will receive salvation.

The only place where you will receive salvation is Shincheonji, the promised kingdom, which testifies the word of promise.

Not believing in the promise of the Bible is not believing in God. There is no difference between the Protestant churches, which do not have doctrine, and non-believers. Shincheonji is a new thing, and God, Jesus, and their word of promise are with Shincheonji.

Shincheonji has been born of God’s seed and is harvested. It is God’s new kingdom, the 12 Tribes, which have been sealed with the new covenant, Revelation, and is the place where the new covenant, Revelation, has been fulfilled. Moreover, the 12 Tribes of Shincheonji have become the citizens of heaven.

Let us not become like the foolish Galatians who, after beginning with the spirit, end with the flesh, but let us become those who are certainly sealed with the new covenant, Revelation, and receive salvation.Are we not supporting you with the word in this manner?