Q:Why is the founder of Shincheonji Church a person?

The founder of Shincheonji Church of Jesus is Jesus.

Fist of all, we need to understand the meaning of religion correctly.The word “religion” in Chinese characters means the greatest education, which is not made by man but by God (Jn 1:1-2). For this reason, the founder of religion is only God the Creator. This title should not be given to any person of religion.

For example, if a person is entrusted with a vineyard by its owner that person cannot become the owner of the vineyard.If a church has a sign saying “church of Jesus”, the owner or the founder of that church is Jesus.

Despite the name “Church of Jesus”, if the person in charge of that church is called “the founder”, the one who uses this expression would be a fake believer. All denominations and churches in the world were named by man.

On the other hand, the official name of Shincheonji is “Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Tabernacle of the Temple of the Testimony”. This is the name that Jesus prophesied in the New Testament, which came to reality.

Also, the chairman of Shincheonji has never said that he is God or Jesus. For these reasons, it would be incorrect to call him the founder.