Shincheonji Church, Promotion Video of Graduation Ceremony

Did you think the reason why these people go to Shincheonji Church? In the satisfaction survey regarding curriculum of Zion Christian Mission center, 'satisfaction' (97.6%) appeared in absolute majority. 'Neutral' was only 2.4% and 'dissatisfaction' was 0%. On the question if understanding regarding the Bible has been improved after graduation of mission center, the answer was clearly divided between 'improved' (99.2%) and 'not clear' (0.8%). There were no graduates who chose the answer "no change.". To the question of 'Would you like to recommend the mission center course to others?', 'Yes' was 98.3% and 'I don't know' was 1.7%. And, 'No' was 0%. High satisfaction also had influence on evangelism rate. The total number of graduates were 103,764 and total evangelism rate was 108%. Now more than 100,000 people are taking the Bible course at Zion Christian Mission Center.