Main reference: Jer 31:27, Mt 13

The two types of seeds referred to in the verses mentioned above were prophesied by God to the Old Testament prophet, Jeremiah, about 2,600 years ago (Jer 31:27). With this, God promised to create a new nation in the new covenant (Jer 31:31).

After about 600 years had passed, God came to the promised pastor, Jesus, to sow the seed in the field (church) as seen in Matthew 13. At this time, the devil came to that same field and sowed his seed (weeds) in it. These two types of seeds grew together until the end of time.

Jesus promised to return at the end of time and to harvest the ripened fruits of God’s seed (Mt 13:30, 39, 24:29-31). At the time of the harvest, which is the time of the Second Coming, the ripened fruits born of the seed of God are harvested, while the weeds born of the seed of the devil are left in the field. This is the proof that divides those born of the seed of God and those born of the seed of the devil. Can you believe this word of promise?

The reason why we, Shincheonji, told the CCK to repent and be born again is because the CCK has yet to be harvested since they have not been born of the seed of God. Someone who is born of the seed of the lying devil cannot enter the heavenly nation (heaven).

The CCK took away words from the book of Revelation (Rv 22:18-19). They also taught lies. Shincheonji has been born of the seed of God, sealed, and created into the promised twelve tribes. The CCK has not been harvested because they were born of the lying seed of the devil. Furthermore, because they took away words from the book of Revelation, they cannot enter heaven and are instead headed in the direction of hell. That is why they must be reborn.

Shincheonji is the promised land of the New Testament, as well as the holy heaven and people created according to what was promised.

SHINCHEONJI Healing All Nations