Through the prophet Hosea, God said that without knowledge of the word, you and your families will be destroyed (Hos 4:6).

Why did God, the creator of man, leave them? It was because of the sin of man (Gn 6). Can this sin be resolved?

Although God made a covenant with Adam and gave him warnings, Adam’s generation was destroyed because he did not heed the covenant or the warning (Gn 2, 3, 7). God also made a covenant with Noah’s generation, but they were ultimately destroyed because they sinned (Gn 9, 11). Likewise, because Moses, the descendent of Abraham, and his generation of the Israelites also did not heed God’s covenant and warnings after being exiled from Egypt and entering into the land of Canaan (Jos 24, 1 Kgs 11), they were destroyed (Isa 1).

The promise we must keep today is the New Testament (Lk 22:14-20). What did God promise to us today through Jesus? Do you know the promise? Have you kept it?

When Jesus returns, he will judge whether the promise was kept or not, according to the words of the Bible (Rv 22:12-15).

As it can be seen in the Bible, there are two spirits - the spirit of God and the spirit of the devil. There are four types of pastors. Do you know which of the four types of pastors is the one you believe in and follow falls under?

During every era of the Old Testament and the time of Jesus’ first coming, there was a pastor sent by God as well as the pastors of the tabernacle in Jerusalem. However, the people of Israel only believed in the words of their pastors but not the words of the pastor sent by God. It was because in every era, the congregation members lacked knowledge of the word.

Next is an example of this. God made promises in the Bible (Old Testament) ahead of time and sent a pastor according to the promise, but the pastors and people at the time of the First Coming could not believe because they lacked the knowledge of the word (refer to Lk 20:9-18). Despite the prophecies that stated, “will be born of a virgin,” “will be born in Bethlehem,” and “will come riding a colt,” they did not recognize Jesus and killed him due to their lack of knowledge.

In the Bible, there is the general pastor, the pastor of prophecy, the promised pastor, and the false pastor. However, in every era, the false pastor and the general pastor killed the pastor of prophecy and the promised pastor. This is why in order to have true faith, one must first have the biblical knowledge, then know the promised prophecies in the Bible and their meaning.  When they perceive the meaning, that perception develops into faith.

This knowledge of this realization will guide the steps of my way. Because the word is God and God is with the word (Jn 1:1), to have the word inside me is to have God inside of myself. Furthermore, the word (person who received the word) is a god (Jn 10:35), and the word is the seed of God (Lk 8:11). The word is the light of life and inside of this word is the ability to create all creation (Jn 1:1-4). Therefore, only by having the knowledge of the word first, one can differentiate the false pastor (Jn 8:44) as well as the true pastor.

From the moment of being reborn by the seed of God’s word, one becomes a true child of God. Calling “Father God” does not make God your father. There is the seed of God as well as the seed of the devil. The one who received the seed of the devil does the acts of the devil, and the one who received the seed of God does the acts of God. God’s seed is the word of God’s spirit and the seed of the devil are the lies of the devil. Because congregation members lack in knowledge of the word, the reality is even if their pastors tell lies, they are continuing to follow the false pastor.

Just as people are now realizing that the pastors of Jerusalem were false pastors, knowledge of the word of God is a necessity. At the time of judgment, one will be judged according to one’s own actions against the words recorded in the Bible (Rv 20:12). There is also the judgment according to the words of Jesus (Jn 12:48).

There were people who came to Zion Christian Mission Center (Word Center) when people who wanted to study the Bible were gathered — then left. Who were they? They were those who were frauds, salesmen, pyramid sellers, or someone who came to resolve the need for physical bread. Word Center is a place that teaches the word, not a place for sales or making money. It is a place that purely exists for the purposes of perceiving the promised word and to come to believe in the word of life and the promise that leads to heaven and eternal life.

Congregation members who have been harvested, it is great to see you. I believe Jesus led you here. I am happy to meet you.

This is a place where one studies in order to understand the true meaning of the promised word in the Bible. God made a promise and prophesied in every era. To the congregation members of today, He promised the New Testament. The promise made with us will fulfill according to what has been promised in due time. Therefore, one must correctly understand the prophecy in order to see, hear, and perceive when the prophecy is fulfilled (Jn 14:29).

This is why you must study the Bible. By not knowing the meaning of the New Covenant prophecy, one can ultimately misunderstand the pastor sent by God and commit the act of killing, just as was with Jesus at the First Coming. That cannot happen ever again. Let us be those who perceive the New Testament and believe in the promise so we can greet God and take part in eternal heaven. Thank you.

SHINCHEONJI Healing All Nations