Coercive conversion programs are literally programs through which people are forced to convert their religion.

There are no coercive conversion programs in Christianity, which hold to God’s teachings. “Coercive” means to force someone to do something against their will under pressure; “(religious) conversion” means to change one’s religion from one to another, such as from Buddhism to Christianity; and “coercive programs” here refers to programs that are forced upon people.

Such coercive conversion programs are not the righteous teachings of God, but evil and heretical teachings from the devil, Satan. Why is the government letting this happen?

God is the Most Holy, and His teachings are true, making them the holy truth. Will coercive conversion programs be able to fulfill their goals in the end? Why and for what are they running such programs?

People stop attending churches due to the corruption within the denominations; congregation members go elsewhere in search of truth because of a lack of truth coupled with corrupt deeds. As denominations become divided with the number of congregation members shrinking rapidly, they try to forcefully take people back through the coercive conversion programs.

Anyone who understands the heart of God and has a decent heart would not run coercive conversion programs. There has never been such wickedness in history, and they are acts of lawlessness practiced by Satan. They break the laws of both heaven and the earth calling for an end. Hence, those who practice such acts must repent.

This is the corruption of a religious era that comes to an end. This is what people who lack the word and God do out of their own will. Those who believe in God believe the prophecies in the Bible and the fulfilled realities. In a corrupt era like today, you have to come out of the corrupt place to be saved as explained in 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.

False pastors deceive the parents of young adults who left the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) and make the parents force their children to take coercive conversion programs. However, as they have no word of God, what they show during the programs are videos they made to deceive people that are full of personal attacks. They are not the word of truth promised by God.

According to the Bible, the word of God, the coercive pastors’ level of knowledge about the Bible is elementary and the parents are at the kindergarten level while the youths who left the corrupt churches to come to Shincheonji stand at the level of university professors. Whether this is true or not can be confirmed by having an exam based on the Bible. Then, who should learn from whom? This is the absurd event at the end of the age where those who lack the understanding of the Bible try to convert others; this can be likened to the guilty blaming the innocent. The false pastors are tricking the parents into ostracizing their children from society with their own hands.

The true God created man in His image and likeness, but since the fall of Adam, people have been deformed to be in the image of the devil who has been reigning. However, today, out of all the people in the world, the people of Shincheonji are the children of God born of the seed of God. God promised this and fulfilled it.

Hence, the people of Shincheonji dwell forever with God in heaven as His family and His children. The New Testament testifies to this. Check it in the Bible.

SHINCHEONJI Healing All Nations