Main reference : Rv 2 ~ 3, Rv 12, Rv 22

The pastor whom God promised in the Old Testament was Jesus (refer to Isa 7:14, Mic 5:2, Mt 2:15, Zec 9:9, Lk 19:38-42, refer to Jn 16:33).

Who is the promised pastor at the second coming of Jesus in the New Testament? The promised pastor of the New Testament is the one who overcomes in Rv 2~3 like John the disciple (refer to Mt 24:45-47, Rv 1:1-2, Rv 2 ~ 3, Rv 4 ~ 5, Rv 10, Rv 12, Rv 15 ~ 16, Rv 21:7, Rv 22:8, 16).

The covenant God made with Abraham (Gn 17: 1-9) was fulfilled at the time of Moses, and the covenant he made with the prophets of the Old Testament was fulfilled at the first coming of Jesus (Jn 19:30).

In the same way, the new covenant Jesus made in the New Testament (Lk 22:14-20) was fulfilled at the time of the fulfillment of Revelation (Rv 21: 6). The new covenant was made through Jesus by God. God must fulfill the new covenant, and the congregation members can keep the covenant by seeing and believing in what has been fulfilled.

As Jesus saw and testified about how God fulfilled the Old Testament (Rv 22:8), there is a pastor who sees and testifies about how Jesus fulfills the New Testament, the new covenant. He is the messenger sent by Jesus (Rv 22: 16).

How could anyone who neither saw nor knew understand the fulfillment of the book of Revelation? That is why the messenger who has seen and heard this has been sent to testify on behalf of the congregation members. Why do you not believe in Jesus' revelation?

Jesus ate the open scroll of the Old Testament (Ez 3) and testified, and in the New Testament, the promised pastor (the one who overcomes) has eaten the open scroll and is testifying about the fulfillment of Revelation. Anyone who does not believe in this testimony is born of the seed of the devil and cannot be saved. You can be saved when you see, believe in, and keep what is written in the New Testament (Rv 1:1-3). "Keep this in mind."

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