I, Man Hee Lee, am the promised pastor whom Jesus sent for the churches (Revelation 22:16).

I have been sent to make known what must soon take place (the events of Revelation) to church pastors and congregation as promised in Revelation 1:1~2 and 10.

The message I hope to convey is regarding the fulfillment of the prophecies of all the chapters of Revelation, the actual entities that I have seen and heard. What Jesus prophesied approximately 2,000 years ago has been fulfilled today and at the time of the fulfillment, I was at his side to witness the entire Revelation from chapters one to 22 (Refer to Revelation 21:8)

At the First Coming, God opened the sealed book (scroll) of the Old Testament (Ezekiel 2) and fulfilled it; Jesus witnessed this (refer to John 5:17-19), receive and ate the opened scroll, and he testified to the word of the opened book and what he had seen to the people of Israel (Ezekiel 3, Matthew 15:24).

At the Second Coming, Jesus opened all seven seals of the sealed Revelation of the New Testament and fulfilled it; I witnessed this at his side, received and ate the opened book in Revelation 10, and I testify to the word of the opened book and what I have seen to the churches.

After verifying, if there is anything incorrect in the testimony, point it out. My testimony is true.

The Lord promised the New Testament’s Revelation as the new covenant and fulfilled everything according to the promise, so why do you not believe?

The one who founded religion (Christianity) is God and Jesus, and I am the witness who testifies to what I have seen and heard when Jesus fulfilled the new covenant, Revelation.

Those who call me the founder or say that I am Jesus are those who recklessly give false testimonies because they do not know the word of promise in Revelation. I am neither Jesus nor the founder.

I am the witness to the fulfilled events of Revelation. The proof that I am the witness of the fulfilled events of Revelation is that I have mastered Revelation and that I know the fulfilled, actual entities of Revelation. Thank you.

Shincheonji Church of Jesus

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